Legal translations concern legal texts written in the language used by lawyers, but they do not need to be made by a sworn translator, as is the case of certified translations. Taking into account that they are characterised by a high degree of responsibility, they are made solely by experienced translators. They require attention to detail, reliability and accuracy. They need to be impartial and leave no room for uncertainty and ambiguity. Therefore, precision is of key importance.


  • Legal acts
  • Commercial contracts
  • Legal advice
  • Authorisations
  • Insurance policies
  • Declarations
  • Loan documents
  • Acts or parts of acts
  • Powers of attorney
  • Official attestations
  • Judgments, orders and judicial decisions
  • Statements of claim and pleadings
  • Application letters, forms
  • Tender documents
  • Press articles on legal matters
  • Constitutional documents of companies