Financial translation services offered by Exco are based on the experience and knowledge of translators specialising in the fields of economy, taxes and accounting. Our 20 years’ experience on the Polish market has shown that more and more companies need high-quality specialised translations of documents in the broadly defined field of finance. We have also had many occasions to understand the importance of precise and correct terminology, as well as accuracy, thanks to which financial data may be presented in such a way that it is comprehensible and readable for our customers and business partners.


  • interim and annual financial statements
  • invoices
  • auditor’s opinions
  • balance sheets
  • profit and loss accounts
  • documents of compliance
  • presentations of financial data
  • business plans
  • guidelines for financial reports
  • cash flow statements
  • statements of changes in equity
  • tax returns
  • audit reports
  • commercial contracts
  • reports from meetings of supervisory boards
  • statements on public and private donations
  • agreements between shareholders
  • insurance documents
  • bank documentation
  • documents relating to mergers, acquisitions and demergers
  • others